St. Henrik's Pharmacy - enhanced personal service

St. Henrik's Pharmacy has opened a totally new kind of a pharmacy in connection with the Itäharju Prisma. Adequate cost free parking spaces with no time limit make visiting the pharmacy easy and economical. A completely unique service format is presented by the drive-in counter to which customers may drive in their own car. No need to get up from your car.

St. Henrik's Pharmacy – full-line services for the improvement of health!

St. Henrik´s Pharmacy

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9-20
Sat 9-17
Sun 12-18

tel. (02) 275 2150
tel. doctors: (02) 275 2155

fax (02) 275 2160
Kalevantie 41
20520 Turku

Vasaramäen sivuapteekki

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri  10-18

tel. (02) 236 1337

fax (02) 236 2276
Kivikartiontie 1
20720 Turku